July 17, 2018

When Magento went global

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Helping the world’s #1 e-commerce platform close

Magento had a great problem. As the leading e-commerce platform, Magento’s open source product generated enormous traffic volume. Yet, to set up the company’s plans to expand globally, the company needed to increase sales of its Magento Commerce edition – meant for large enterprise companies with a global presence – without sacrificing its loyal open source community.

The power of experimentation

88.6% lift in qualified leads for Magento Commerce edition

The qualified lead was worth 8x more than a lead pre-experimentation

Citing the global expansion of Magento’s Commerce edition, the investment firm, Hillhouse invests in Magento. Valuation brings Magento to USD 700 million in January 2017.

Magento sold to Adobe for USD 1.68 billion in June 2018

Success lifting Magento Commerce sales fueled the company’s global expansion into becoming a SaaS giant.

Magento knew that systematic optimization grew revenue

Magento had seen conversion optimization strategies pay off for their own e-commerce clients. In fact, conversion optimization had become a “best practice” strategy for most of the leading retailers, so they knew the potential it had to dramatically boost their own revenue. But they also knew that given the complexity of their growing company and the stakes of what a successful enterprise sales division meant, they didn’t want to go it alone. They hired GO Group Digital > North America (GO) to optimize their business growth and accelerate their evolution as a global e-commerce software provider.

“Magento has a large and complex website, and we knew that success would require us to employ a data-driven, systematic approach to testing and optimization that would yield material results,” said Danny Essner, Head of Magento Merchant & Partner Marketing.

Understanding the target customer accelerated Magento’s business evolution

GO began by developing a rich understanding of Magento’s customers and prospects. The team gathered voice-of-customer information from surveys, persona profiles, user testing and a web analytics deep dive.

From that foundation, GO led an in-depth workshop with Magento department leadership to align goals and roles. The workshop enabled GO to develop an experimentation framework for Magento to significantly boost sales of its Magento Commerce edition without threatening the popularity of the open-source community.

Beyond the immediate goal of transforming sales of Magento Commerce, the framework also enabled Magento to build a lasting culture of experimentation within the company post engagement.

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Learn how the e-commerce leader Magento became a global commerce leader after GO > North America boosted its conversion rate by 88.6%.

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