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India’s leading CRO agency partners with GO Group Digital


August 28, 2018

The GO Group launches operations in India and expands its experimentation capabilities worldwide

VANCOUVER | August 28, 2018 – The leading conversion rate optimization agency, Optiphoenix, will join GO Group Digital, effective immediately. Led by former Visual Website Optimizer (VWO) executives, Gursimran Gujral and Kamal Sahni, Optiphoenix will join the Group as GO > India, providing two key services for the Group’s digital transformation consultancy: conversion rate optimization (CRO) for enterprise clients with India-based operations and experimentation development.

“As the leading CRO agency in India and with their unique experience helping create VWO, Optiphoenix brings a wealth of technical and operational value to the Group. We look forward to closely combining our operations and growing our level of service for our partners and enterprise clients,” said André Morys, GO Managing Partner.

There is no other organization that offers the experience, caliber of excellence, and international optimization service than the GO Group.

“All of us here at Optiphoenix are proud to operate as GO > India on behalf of the Group,” added Optiphoenix CEO, Gursimran Gujral.

Optiphoenix is led by Gursimran Gujral and Kamal Sahni. Gujral founded the agency in 2015 to deliver international-level optimization services. In addition to conversion rate optimization services, the company includes a front-end development and quality assurance (QA) center.

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GO Group Digital is the world’s leading global business conversion rate optimization consultancy. The Group uses behavioural science and multivariate testing to rapidly accelerate business growth and digital transformation for international companies. Founded by the world’s two leading conversion rate optimization companies, konversionsKRAFT based in Germany, and WiderFunnel, with offices across North America, GO Group Digital has partner-offices worldwide and maintains the world’s largest database of experimentation tests. The GO Group operates at the intersection of consultancy and conversion, enabling its enterprise clients to unlock business growth and value through the power of agile experimentation. Learn more about the GO Group at

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