February 22, 2019

With its new partner,, GO Group Digital is the leading experimentation consultancy across all English-speaking markets

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The London-based agency will represent the Group across the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland

LONDON | February 18, 2019 –, a leading experimentation agency in the U.K., will join GO Group Digital as its exclusive partner in the U.K. and Ireland. With an average return on investment rate of 38 percent, the new GO Group partner has generated over one billion USD for enterprise-level SaaS, finance, travel, e-commerce, media, health, and gaming companies. The company’s partnership with GO Group bolsters the consultancy’s capabilities to deliver premium growth optimization services across all English-speaking markets: North America, United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

“Simply put, they’re a very smart team of CRO consultants and experimentation experts,” said Chris Goward, GO Managing Partner. “They’re leaders in the U.K. We can accelerate the business growth of our transatlantic clients with our new partnership.”

The partnership of the GO Group and comes during a complex time in U.K. and EU relations. Just two months before Brexit is meant to take place, now has established access to the entire GO Group partner-network across the EU, notably in GO > Germany and GO > France.

The GO Group can accelerate the business growth of its transatlantic clients with this new partnership.

“The GO Group brings another suite of services and markets we can offer to our U.K. and Irish clients. Joining the Group as a strategic partner ensures that our office continues to grow and have reliable access to international markets and best practice,” said CEO, Stephen Pavlovich.

Founded by Stephen Pavlovich in 2007, international companies continue to regard as a thought leader and innovator in the space of optimization. The office works closely with Optimizely and all major testing tool software providers. It includes a strong enterprise-level account management team based in London.

About GO Group Digital
GO Group Digital is the world’s leading global business conversion rate optimization consultancy. The Group uses applied behavioural science and multivariate testing to rapidly accelerate business growth and digital transformation for international companies. Founded by the world’s two leading conversion rate optimization companies, konversionsKRAFT based in Germany, and WiderFunnel, with offices across North America, GO Group Digital has partner-offices worldwide and maintains the world’s largest database of experimentation tests. The GO Group operates at the intersection of consultancy and conversion, enabling its enterprise clients to unlock business growth and value through the power of agile experimentation. Learn more about the GO Group at

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